New song Learning a new song with the help of photos

Short description of the topic

In this activity children learn a new song or poem and search for photos online to create a tool which helps them remember a new text easier.

Learning outcomes

  • Competencies
    • Digital and media competence: searching on internet
    • Linguistic competences: phonetic awareness, learning a new poem
    • Cognitive competence: improving memory
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    Target group
    structure.template.345 years and up
    • Individual work
      In groups
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    Required materials
    • Computer
    • Printer
New song

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Description of the activity (step by step)


Present the song you would like to teach to the children. Explain to children, that you will learn the song together and that you will create a version of the text with many pictures. This way they will be able to »read« the text and learn the song easier.

This method is especially suitable for longer song, when children have more difficulty to remember the words.


With your help children write the words from the poem into the browser (for example bear, if the poem happens to be about a bear) and click on the pictures icon. Children can then select a photo of the bear they like the most. Insert the picture into the text of the poem. If the word repeats, always insert the same picture in the whole text.


Print out the text with photos and laminate it. Hang it on the wall in the playroom. While reciting or singing the song children can look at the pictures and remember the text easier.

Variations and additional ideas

You can divide the children into groups and each group searches for different pictures.

Children can sing or recite the new song individually, in pairs or in groups and record their act with a phone, camera or voice recorder (as video or audio). Then, children can try to figure out if they all sang in the same rhythm, volume etc.

Children can record each other and examine their posture in the choir (how they stand, if they have hands in pockets etc.).

You can use the audio and video recording for presenting kindergarten activities to parents (during PTA, for example) or you can upload it to your group’s online playroom.

Background information and didactical perspective

Singing, fostering the joy of singing and being creative with music is very important for preschool children. Offering children diverse musical activities helps them gain new experience, overcome potential deficits and improve their competence.

Experience from kindergartens:

Children loved to perform in front of the group even if they did not really know the song well. In the beginning they laugh at their own voice and the singing of others, but with time, they stopped.

Most children didn’t know that they can record videos on the phone and were very intrigued by the activity. They loved to record and listen to themselves.

Photos of the activity