Can you draw a cloud? Inanimate nature

Short description of the topic

Children observe the sky and photographs of different types of clouds. They draw clouds before and after looking at photos.

Learning outcomes

  • Competencies
    • Linguistic competences: new vocabulary
    • Motor competence: developing fine motor skills
    • Artistic competence: drawing
    • Digital and media competence: searching for information online
    • Visual competence: observation of details
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    Target group
    structure.template.344 years and up
    • Individual work
      In groups
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    Required materials
    • Computer
    • Paper
    • crayons
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    • Photos of different cloud types
Can you draw a cloud?

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Description of the activity (step by step)


Invite the children to draw a cloud on a sheet of paper using colored pencils.


Collect the sheets with the drawn clouds and place them next to each other. Observe the drawings together. You will probably find out that most drawings are very similar. Now, take a look through the window and observe the clouds in the sky. Then, look at the photographs of different clouds together on the computer. Search online for websites for children about the weather and find out the names of different clouds.


Distribute paper to the children once more. Let them draw a cloud again.

Invite them to describe their clouds.

Variations and additional ideas

Remind the children regularly to take a look at the clouds and photograph them. Save the photos of the sky in a separate folder. You could organize an exhibition with photographs of the sky taken on the playground throughout the year.

You could combine this activity with keeping a weather calendar.

Look online for artworks containing clouds and observe and discuss them together.

Background information and didactical perspective

Clouds are a mass of very tiny water droplets or crystals floating in the air. The drawings and paintings of kindergarten children often contain clouds and the sun.

After the cloud observation activity, children gain experience regarding the weather and its constant changes. They experience the importance of observation for creating art.


Photos of different cloud types