Let’s take a photo! Learning the basics of photography

Short description of the topic

In this activity, children learn how to handle a camera and try out different devices and applications for making photos. They make their first photos, transfer them to the computer with the help of the teacher, and discuss the experience.

Learning outcomes

  • Competencies
    • Digital and media competence: working with a digital camera, smartphone, tablet
    • Visual competence: visual perception
    • Social competences: cooperation
    • Linguistic competences: new vocabulary
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    Target group
    structure.template.345 years and up
    • Photographing: individual work and work in pairs
      Selecting photographs: work in a small group
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    Required materials
    • Camera
    • Computer
    • Printer
    • apps for altering photos
    • objects
  • structure.template.38
    • coloring sheets with different types of cameras
    • Assembly a camera – cut and paste
Let’s take a photo!

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Description of the activity (step by step)


Prepare different devices for taking photos: cameras, smartphones, and tablets and place them on a table. Ask the children what these devices have in common. Then, start a conversation about photography: What comes to your mind when you hear the word photography? Do you like photography? Do you like taking photographs? Have you got your camera? Which devices do you use at home to take pictures?

Then, present to the children the camera they will be using for photographing in the kindergarten. Show them where to turn it on and off and introduce them to important parts of the camera. Demonstrate how to hold the camera correctly. Show them how to take pictures with the tablet and the smartphone.


Let the children take photographs freely with different devices. You can also encourage them to find objects of a certain color or photograph their favorite toys. They can take pictures of their friends or shoot selfies. Let their imagination run wild and let them feel free to experiment and have fun.

Show the children an app for editing photos on the smartphone or tablet. You can use a mirror filter or fisheye effect for example. Let them create funny selfies and unusual photos of objects.


Invite children to transfer photographs to the computer together. Explain the process in simple terms. Then discuss the taken photos: who shot them, what it is, where they have found it, etc. Compare the experience with different types of devices. Select some photos together and print them.

Ask children how they liked photographing, what they liked most, which device they liked using and why, etc.

Hang the printed photos in a visible place.

Variations and additional ideas

Prepare a guessing game with the help of the photographs the children have taken. You can choose blurred photos, photos altered with filters, or select a section of a photo. Let the children guess what the photo depicts (and the photographer must not give the answer away!).

Children can draw the same motive as the one they have captured with the camera.

Complement this activity with Photography center https://media.eduskills.plus/activities/intro%2Fphotocenter.

Background information and didactical perspective

The main purpose of this activity is to introduce the children to photography in a relaxed and creative atmosphere. Do not try to correct their photos and teach rules for photographing. This should be an opportunity for children to experiment with photography, express their imagination, and have fun.

However, teach children to handle the camera with care from the beginning on!

Read more about photography basics in our Introduction to photography for children.



Photos of the activity