Traffic signs Learning about traffic signs around my kindergarten

Short description of the topic

Through this activity children learn traffic rules through different channels – they go for a walk, photograph signs, work on the computer and then select different follow up activities connected to art, math, narrating.

Learning outcomes

  • Competencies
    • Digital and media competence: photographing, using a computer
    • Social competences: learning traffic rules
    • Linguistic competences: new vocabulary, narrating
    • Mathematical competence: numbers, shapes, colours
    • Motor competence: drawing, cutting out
  • structure.template.34
    Target group
    structure.template.345 years and up
    • Individual work
      In groups
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    Required materials
    • Camera/phone/tablet
    • Computer
    • Printer
    • laminator
Traffic signs

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Description of the activity (step by step)


Invite the children for a walk on the streets around your kindergarten. Ask questions to remind children of the rules of behaving in traffic, i.e. walking in a straight line, holding hands with a peer, raised hand while crossing the street…

Take a camera with you and equip children with reflective jackets.


During the walk children photograph traffic signs, road markings, cars, traffic lights etc. Stop to explain the meaning of the signs.

Back in the kindergarten, review the pictures together, make a selection and print it. If you would like to make it more durable, laminate the photos.


Children observe the photos together. They can explain the meaning of different traffic signs and relive the experience of the walk.

They can use the photographs for play or in a number of different activities.

Variations and additional ideas

Children can use the photos to observe the details of the traffic signs and draw them.

Children can create a traffic collage with the help of the printed traffic signs.

You can combine this activity with math and teach about shapes and colours.

Background information and didactical perspective

Traffic rules are basic knowledge necessary for functioning in our society. Finding diverse options for teaching these rules is a way to reach children with different interests and ways of expression.

Experience from kindergartens:

One boy from our group knew the meaning of all the traffic signs close to our kindergarten. He liked to play with the photographs and used them to teach traffic signs to other children during free play.

Photos of the activity