3D Photography Photographing an Object from Every Side

Short description of the topic

In this activity, children will photograph a three-dimensional object from all sides and assemble photographs into the right positions.

Learning outcomes

  • Competencies
    • Visual and spatial competency
  • structure.template.34
    Target group
    structure.template.345 years and up
    • Individual work
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    Required materials
    • Camera
    • Computer
    • Printer
    • An object of a child’s choosing (e.g. a toy) that is relatively block-shaped.
    • Packaging box (e.g. for storing medicine, shoes, food, etc.)
3D Photography

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Description of the activity (step by step)


Beforehand, ask the children to bring a medicine/food/shoe packaging box from home. They will stick photographs on it. With each child, choose a suitable square object (e.g. a toy) whose surfaces roughly correspond to the proportions of the box. Talk to the children about different images of the chosen object and how these images are influenced by perspective or point of view. How can we change the perspective by turning an object or by changing the position of the viewer?


Let the children photograph the selected object from all six sides (front-back, left-right, and top-bottom). Print the photographs on paper and have the children stick the photographs on the box so that the surfaces match the actual perspectives.


Discuss with children the topic of perspective, drawing on the experience they have gained by taking photographs and by assembling the photographs in the appropriate places on the box.

Variations and additional ideas

Instead of an object, you may use a building or a person. Think about how you are going to show the angles that are normally hard to capture (view from below and above).

Background information and didactical perspective

The development of visual imaginability is an important factor in cognitive development. The same object shows a different image when viewed from different angles. Perspective is a very important factor in photography.

Photos of the activity