Chased by giants Playing with perspective

Short description of the topic

Forced perspective photography offers many fun possibilities. In this activity, children learn that objects appear bigger if they are closer and use this fact to make funny photos of giant animals on the playground.

Learning outcomes

  • Competencies
    • Visual competence: observation, visual perception
    • Cognitive competence: planning, making predictions
    • Artistic competence: fostering creativity, learning about perspective, creating art
    • Digital and media competence: fostering skills in photography
  • structure.template.34
    Target group
    structure.template.345 years and up
    • Small groups
  • structure.template.38
    Required materials
    • Camera
    • Animal figures
  • structure.template.38
    • Examples of forced perspective photography
Chased by giants

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Description of the activity (step by step)


Ask children if they have ever noticed whether objects that are closer to them appear bigger than objects that are farther away. Tell them that they can use this fact to make funny photographs!

Show them some photos with a forced perspective for inspiration.

Then, think together about the kind of photos you would like to make.


A possibility is to make children appear as if they were together with giant animals. For this, divide children into two groups. One group will be taking photos and the other will be in the shot. Place figures of animals close to the camera and ask children to stand far away on the playground. The group of photographers takes turns photographing and placing the animal-figure correctly.

The children will probably need to shoot a lot of shots to figure out how to place the figure and their friends in the shot to make the desired illusion.

Then both groups change places.


Select photos and discuss the experience. What have they learned? What was the most fun? Did they get any new ideas? Write them down and try them out the next time!

Variations and additional ideas

One child stands with the hand extended and palm up and appears to be holding something that is placed farther away (a friend, a house, a tree, etc.)

You can try out many fun ideas. The possibilities are endless!

Background information and didactical perspective

Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger, or smaller than it is.


Examples of forced perspective photography