What do you like (doing) in kindergarten?

Short description of the topic

The kindergarten teacher encourages children to take pictures of the things they like to do and of the things they like the most in the kindergarten. The purpose of the activity is photographing the kindergarten’s environment and perceiving it as a place of friendship, safety, and wellbeing. The activity is planned for a longer period of time.

Learning outcomes

  • Competencies
    • Social-emotional competence: perception of self and one’s own interests, desires, developing life values (friendship), and recognizing emotions
    • Digital and media competence
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    Target group
    structure.template.344 years and up
    • Individual work
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    Required materials
    • Pens
    • Paper
    • Camera/phone/tablet
    • Photographs
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    • Example of photos with different emotional states
What do you like (doing) in kindergarten?

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Description of the activity (step by step)


Talk to the children individually about the things they like in kindergarten. What do they like to do? Write down their answers.


Offer children the camera and encourage them to take pictures of the things they like. Print the photos and talk with each child individually about those photos. Together, compare the written statements of each child with the pictures she or he has taken.


Ask children questions about their feelings during the process of taking photos: How did they feel? What feelings did they recognize in others? How did their friends who were photographed feel? Etc. You can start a conversation about when it is appropriate to take pictures of others and when it is not. How can you react when you do not want your picture to be taken?

Variations and additional ideas

The children can photograph different activities/objects/persons at home, during a trip, on a holiday, etc.

Background information and didactical perspective

The inclusion of a child in kindergarten is an important turning point between the family and the wider environment. It is very important that the kindergarten offers children safety, encourages, and enables development in all areas of activity and that children learn to coexist with others. The wellbeing of the child in kindergarten, understanding his needs, acceptance and the individual approach greatly influences the child’s development in many different fields.

Experience from kindergartens:

Children most often photographed their peers in different situations, when they played.

Photos of the activity